The first wave of Flambeau fishing gear has arrived.


With innovative designs & features but also with classic looks, the new line will consist of 24 new products which will include bait binders, tackle slingpacks, tackle backpacks and tackle bags and will be spread across the Adventurer Series, Pro Angler Series and the Heritage Series.


The Adventurer Series line will flow with those who like their gear that is quick and simple. This line will consist of go bags that are zipperless and have easy access lids.  Products in this line will include the Adventurer Tackle Bags, Tufftainers, Bait Binder and Tackle Slingpack.


The Pro Angler Series line will be feature rich and are designed with extra storage and maximum carry capacity in mind. Tackle bags in this line will have an expansion pocket that can hold 2 extra trays and will have Flambeau’s Zerust tray technology. Products in this line include the Pro Angler Series Slim Tackle Bags, Tackle Slingpacks, Bait Binders and Tackle Backpacks.


Lastly, the Heritage Series line will have the classic, throwback look that your grandparents would remember but will have a modern day twist to it. It will include zipperless technology with G hooks, Flambeau’s Zerust tray technology, and this line will also have the patent pending saddle bags available. Products in this line include the Heritage Series Tackle Bags, Bait Binder, Tackle Slingpack and Tackle Backpack.

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